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Planet Investment Banking – Education Initiative

Here at Planet, we believe that education builds the nation. Education prepares citizens to be active citizens in participatory democracies. It helps mold citizens who grow a country’s base of knowledge and global competence. And it also helps prepare youth to seek out meaningful employment, be it in the private sector, in civil society or in government service.

The sad fact is that Egypt’s education system is in decline. Where once we were the educators of the Arab world, government investment in education has dwindled today to a mere 3. 7% of GDP. We are poorly ranked in global assessments of education quality, and despite chronic unemployment, private sector leaders have thousands of unfilled positions on the back a poorly qualified labor pool.

It is the government’s responsibility to lead change in this critical field, but Planet believes the private sector must play a role, starting with K-12 education and proceeding through vocational training and university education.

That’s why we have launched education initiative to help revitalize our national K-12 education system, helping Egyptian teachers deliver quality instruction from a world-class curriculum to the nation’s youth — and helping make teaching a viable career path for upwardly mobile professionals.

The Planet Education Initiative is structured on a four pronged approach that will:

  • Help train quality teachers, providing them with world-class post-graduate education and a stipend from an income stabilization fund
  • Import a proven curriculum and adapting it to suit local needs, as other leading Arab nations have done
  • Launch a pilot school as an incubator for this novel approach, centered on a self-sustaining model
  • Ensure funding for the project through marketing and fund-raising operations

The Planet Education Initiative, founded in late 2013, already has the backing of leading national and regional figures. Windows 8 for the desktop was also teased www.topspying.com to the general public, the first time the redmond-based software maker has released an early alpha to end-users as well as developers. To learn more about how you can become involved and make a difference in Egypt’s future, please contact our Cairo office.


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